Spotify awarded Dynamite a certificate of 1 billion streams, who knew that BTS would use it as a bibimbap plate!

After many days of anticipation, BTS finally celebrated the certification of the song Dynamite reaching 1 billion streams on Spotify in a way that couldn’t be more special.

When BTS released Dynamite in August 2020, the song quickly became a global hit with many great achievements. One of the most memorable records is Dynamite reaching 1 billion streams on Spotify after 333 days, thereby becoming the first song by a Korean artist to reach this milestone.

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Dynamite sets a record as the first Korean artist song to reach 1 billion streams on Spotify

Spotify awards silver discs to artists whose songs have reached 1 billion streams on the platform, and BTS is no exception. But although Dynamite reached this milestone from July 20th, 2021, it was not until March 15th, 2022 that fans could see the prestigious disc in the hands of 7 boys. To celebrate the special occasion, the group celebrated by making Bibimbap mixed rice with fried eggs with the group’s logo right on Spotify’s certificate, then recording a video to share with fans!

BTS’s way of celebrating makes fans extremely excited, because Spotify’s 1 billion stream certification is extremely prestigious, not all artists can achieve it. But the group is ready to “sacrifice” to make a plate of delicious mixed rice!

The members took turns making mixed rice…
… and then have a delicious meal together on the prestigious silver plate

However, BTS are not the only ones using Spotify’s certification as a plate. Many US-UK artists such as Drake, Halsey, Joe Jonas, etc. have celebrated their achievement in this way, making it seem like a “tradition” of singers whose songs reached the 1 billion stream on the platform. 

Drake got the certification of the song “In My Feelings” as a pasta dish

When the certificate was not in the hands of BTS, many people wondered about the dish they chose to “eat” on the prestigious silver plate. Initially, the Big Hit boy group revealed that they would eat kimchi soup, but then mixed rice was the group’s last choice. But no matter what they eat, ARMY is extremely proud because the 7 boys are the first and only Kpop artists who can eat this meal at the present time, proving BTS’s undisputed position.

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