From a child star to a teen actor: Here’s what SHINee’s adorable “son” is up to now 

Do you recognize SHINee’s baby from the famous reality show 12 years ago? 

In 2010, in season 2 of “Hello Baby”, a reality show where celebrities spend time taking care of a newly born child or toddler to experience what it’s like to be parents, SHINee became fathers to Yoo Geun, an adorable 3-year-old boy. When the show aired, Yoo Geun created a buzz among viewers because of how cute and smart he looks, especially with his big eyes and chubby cheeks.

shinee yoo geun

For over 13 episodes, SHINee and Yoo Geun became close through hangouts, short trips, going to music shows and other fun activities. 12 years have passed since the broadcast of “Hello Baby” and Yoo Geun is now a 15-year-old teenager. He is still active in the entertainment industry as an actor. At the moment, Yoo Geun is appearing in TVING’s drama “I’ll Give It My All…Tomorrow”, in which he plays the young self of the male lead Nam Geum Pil (Park Hae Joon).

Yoo Geun is no longer a baby and has lost his chubby cheeks. He looks skinnier and more mature now. He recently became a trending topic among Korean netizens for his surprising transformation that is almost unrecognizable. Yoo Geun is still in his puberty and growing phase, so perhaps he will continue to surprise the public with his visuals in the future. 

“I’ll Give It My All…Tomorrow” is not Yoo Geun’s debut role. He has been acting since he was 5. The talented child star took on minor roles in famous dramas such as “To The Beautiful You” (2012), “Legend of the Blue Sea” (2016), “Unknown Woman” (2017), “Suits” (2018),…

yoo geun
Yoo Geun in To The Beautiful You
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