Sowon, “GFRIEND Did Not Disband, I Want To Do Group Performances Again”

Sowon (Kim So-jung) expressed her strong determination and desire to perform with GFRIEND members as a group again

On June 16th, the YouTube channel “kiu기우쌤” uploaded a new video titled “Many posts asking why GFRIEND disbanded are uploaded these days” with the guest appearance of GFRIEND’s Sowon.

When asked how GFRIEND members have been doing, Sowon said, “I visited a concert the day before yesterday, VIVIZ concert. I was quite moved. I didn’t cry but felt proud of them. There was a male fan who cried a lot. He cried uncontrollably. All the members went there. We met for the first time in two months”.


Sowon also expressed her regrets, saying “GFRIEND didn’t disband. Many articles used to say we disbanded so people are believing it like that.” Revealing that she often read comments about GFRIEND on the Internet, Sowon said, “The members share opinions about our performances on our messenger app. Many people still remember us and have good reviews of us. So I keep thinking, I’ll be on stage again one day so I should keep on practicing”.

When asked, “Wouldn’t it be more interesting if GFRIEND members go on the stage of VIVIZ’s concert?”, Sowon replied, “Many asked too. But that concert was meant for VIVIZ”. She added, “I think it’s important that GFRIEND has our own concert with everyone involved. That’s what’s important. How you start is important. If we were to have a concert, I really want to do it big. Next time if we perform on stage, we have to do even better”.


Sowon said, “I want to perform on stage again. I have to do it. I get teary because I want to do it so bad”.

Meanwhile, GFRIEND made their debut in 2015 and became famous after releasing many hit songs such as “Me Gustas Tu”, “Rough”, “Navillera”, “Fingertip”, “Time for the Moon Night”, “Fever”, “Mago”, etc. In 2021, GFRIEND’s exclusive contract with Source Music ended. SinB, Eunha and Umji re-debuted as a trio group with the name VIVIZ. Sowon became an actress while Yerin and Yuju made solo debuts.

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