People who know about Song Joong Ki’s “international romantic relationship”, “He introduced his British girlfriend to his best friends”

The reason Song Joong Ki is successful in both work and love is because of his honesty and straightforwardness.

Last year, Song Joong Ki was introduced to a British woman by an acquaintance and they developed into lovers. The two have been dating seriously for more than a year.

song joong ki rumor girlfriend

Song Joong Ki’s girlfriend is a non-celebrity British woman who has both beauty and intelligence. The two formed a bond of sympathy beyond nationality and language and eventually became lovers.

Song Joong Ki, who has a painful experience in love, has finally overcome his wound with a new love, which is happier and more healing. The actor draws attention as he even revealed how he is fully devoted to his current relationship. It is known that Song Joong Ki does not hide his feelings for his girlfriend and even his best friends are also congratulating him. Song Joong Ki’s new direction in love is definitely “no more hiding”.

song joong ki girlfriend

A young man and woman met, and their love deserves to be celebrated. It is said that Song Joong Ki introduced his girlfriend to his best friends and close acquaintances by himself so that she wouldn’t feel burdened and often boasted about his affection for her. This proves that Song Joong Ki, who decided to go with an honest and confident open relationship rather than secretly dating, is dating seriously.

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Song Joong Ki and his girlfriend enjoy dating near their houses like any ordinary couple. On days when the actor had no filming schedules, he also spent time having nice meals with her at restaurants, where they will easily get caught by the public. In addition, the couple showed more natural dating moments when they were abroad. After Song Joong Ki finished his work, the actor continued to spend time with his girlfriend, who accompanied him on his overseas schedule. The two made headlines when overseas fans witnessed them and spread photos on SNS.

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In fact, Song Joong Ki is the kind of person who makes things clear between work and love. When working, he analyzes his characters more seriously than anyone else and pays full attention to the improve the quality of the work together with his fellow actors. It is said that even actors, directors, and the whole production team members who worked with Song Joong Ki for months did not notice the fact that he was dating. 

song joong ki rumor girlfriend

As soon as Song Joong Ki officially publicized his romantic relationship, his colleagues have been pouring out warm congratulations for him. 

Source: Nate

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