Gong Hyo Jin ♥ Kevin Oh announced October wedding, “we need each other”

Singer Kevin Oh expressed his feelings about marrying actress Gong Hyo Jin, who is 10 years older than him.

On August 17th, Kevin Oh posted several photos on his Instagram, which include a shot of a music sheet titled “You and I both asleep at dawn” (literal translation) – a song composed by Kevin Oh and written by Gong Hyo Jin.

As Kevin Oh is familiar with English, he announced that he’s marrying famous actress Gong Hyo Jin in October, and expressed his feelings about marriage in English. 

Gong Hyo jin Kevin oh

The full post of Kevin Oh is as below: 

“It would probably be more respectable of me to write this in Korean. But, this is personal. And it feels more fitting to say it in my native tongue, in the best, most natural way possible.

Two years ago, I met a girl. Our love was full yes, daunting at times—but we proved to each other..that we need each other. In her, I’ve met my best friend for life, my soulmate. And soon, be able to call her my wife.

This fall, we will be getting married quietly in my hometown. I know I’m stealing away an actress who’s received a great deal of love in Korea, and perhaps it would be more fitting to hold the ceremony publicly here in Seoul. But for selfish reasons, I wanted to celebrate in the presence of my family. I hope you understand.

I’m so blessed to have people like you who’ve allowed me this dream—you who’ve given me unforgettable moments, you who’ve carried me through some of my darkest hours with your love and support. You know what I write to you when signing your letters and CDs: “always love and be loved.” You’ve taught me to have courage, to be a better man, to love more. And I have so much more of it left to give you.

I’m preparing some new music, as well. I hope I’ll be able to share them with you soon.

A new start to both my life and my music. Let’s do our best to live our best life, together. Thank you!

Love, k”

Source: Daum

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