Song Ji Hyo filed complaint against former CEO of Uzurocks for embezzlement 

Actress Song Ji Hyo accused the former CEO of Uzurocks Entertainment of embezzlement.

On May 24th, Song Ji Hyo’s representative said to News 1, “We recently filed a complaint with the Seoul Gangnam Police Station against former Uzurocks CEO on charges of violating the Act on the Aggravated Punishment, etc. of Specific Economic Crimes (Embezzlement)”.

They explained, “We already filed a complaint with the Seoul Central District Court on May 2nd to claim unpaid settlement amount and are waiting for the court trial.”


According to Song Ji Hyo’s side, the embezzlement amount is estimated to be 1.2 billion won, which includes the remaining final settlement amount of about 900 million won from Song Ji Hyo’s contract with Uzurocks.

Regarding the embezzlement charges, Song Ji Hyo’s rep stated, “During the contract period, it was appropriate for Song Ji Hyo to receive her advertising revenue through Uzurocks corporate account according to the normal procedures”, adding “However, Uzurocks claimed that their account was seized, making it difficult to use the money.”


They continued, “Even after then, they promised to provide the money through different means, but there were aspects that we couldn’t understand within the normal scope”, adding “We don’t understand where the advertising revenue went and they had to delay salary payments. This situation is difficult to comprehend unless the money has been withdrawn by someone or a third party”.

Song Ji Hyo signed an exclusive contract with Uzurocks in October last year. However, she terminated her contract in April, after six months, due to unpaid settlement issues.

In the process, it was revealed that Song Ji Hyo even supports the living expenses of Uzurocks employees whose salaries have been delayed for several months.

Source: Nate

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