Former EXO’s Luhan shades the paparazzi by posting a photo of his dog after a video of him being drunk was spread 

Luhan left a warning message to the paparazzi through a recent Instagram post. 

Former EXO member Luhan recently became the center of online gossip on Chinese SNS after he was caught being drunk on camera after a dinner with his acquaintances. In the released video, Luhan looks like he was tipsy and couldn’t walk properly so he had to be taken to the car by another man. 


The video taken by the local paparazzi was released online and drew much attention from netizens. After that, Luhan posted a picture of his dog named Mantou on his personal Instagram, saying, “Mantou, listen to me, you can’t always follow me and take my pictures.” Netizens speculate that Luhan was shading and giving a warning to the paparazzi stalking him through this caption.


Luhan made his debut as an EXO member in 2012, left the group after 2 years, and has since been active as a singer and actor in his home country China. He has been publicly dating actress Guan Xiaotong, China’s ‘nation’s little sister’ since October 2017.

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