Song Ji-hyo and I’VE’s Ahn Yu-jin’s styling controversies “Are the stylists their antis?”

Song Ji-hyo and I’VE’s stylists are being criticized for their bad work recently.

An artist’s face is not enough to complete his/her fashion. Sensible styling from head to toe suitable for various aspects such as the artist’s image and age is truly the completion of his/her fashion. In particular, styling perfection becomes even more important for celebrities whose appearance and image are one of their assets.  Recently, the styling of actress Song Ji-hyo and rookie girl group I’VE’s Ahn Yu-jin has become controversial. What should be clear is that it is not because of the appearance of the two but the lack of skills of their stylists. 

Song Ji-hyo and I’VE’s Ahn Yu-jin’s styling controversies

On December 4, Ahn Yu-jin‘s outfit on MBC’s “Show! Music Core” became controversial. The piece on top of her basic black T-shirt looks like a bra. It was an outfit with poor synchronization, not to mention that the wires were exposed. I’VE’s stylist must have made the clothes thinking of bustiers, which is a common item among girlgroup members. However, the problem is that even the bustier used here looks like a bra. 

Song Ji-hyo and I’VE’s Ahn Yu-jin’s styling controversies

In some cases, underwear is reformed by the stylist for outfits in order to make them fit the concept. However, in these cases, the design was transformed into a cloth or a shiny accessory, making it look like a “stage outfit.”  Immediately after the broadcast, Ahn Yu-jin‘s clothes became controversial. Some pointed out that the stylist should not have made the idol wear underwear-like outfit because she was a minor. Fans of I’VE were worried about this because girl groups usually suffered sexual harassment due to short outfits and sexual choreography. Ahn Yu-jin’s stage costume got criticized as a sensitive outfit. In other words, the stylist’s mistake unintentionally ruined IVE’s performance, even though it was a debut stage.

Song Ji-hyo and I’VE’s Ahn Yu-jin’s styling controversies

Song Ji-hyo was also involved in a controversy over her styling. Following the poorly short-cut hairstyle, she appeared at an award ceremony wearing a coat that was not only larger than her body shape but also had a torn hem. From when she was standing in front of the photo wall until the moment she received her award, the media’s cameras captured Song Ji-hyo’s ripped coat.

Song Ji-hyo’s fans had consistently pointed out stylists’ incompetence. They had been complaining about Song Ji-hyo’s hairstyle, makeup, and styling after she appeared with a scruffy and shabby look on SBS’s “Running Man”. Then, Song Ji-hyo recently transformed her image with short hair, leading to fans’ dissatisfaction. Although the actress still exuded a different charm from her image with long hair, fans were actually angry at the poorly cut side hair of her hairstyle.

Song Ji-hyo and I’VE’s Ahn Yu-jin’s styling controversies

Song Ji-hyo’s short haircut is not a problem. The problem is that it was cut in a way that didn’t suit the actress. In addition, the controversy over Song Ji-ho’s torn coat was also caused by the negligence of her stylists. Stylist is a job to help highlight celebrities’ appearance strengths and charms. If they fail to help the stars stand out with their charms, doubts about the stylist’s unprofessionalism are unavoidable.

Song Ji-hyo and I’VE’s Ahn Yu-jin’s styling controversies

The controversies related to Song Ji-hyo’s short haircut and torn coat and Ahn Yu-jin’s outfit are also problems caused by their stylists’ lacking competence. It’s too bad to see the stylist’s lack of professionalism is hidden behind the celebrities’ names.


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