Song Hye-kyo Reveals Her Strengths, “Positive Mindset & Don’t Take Things For Granted”

Actress Song Hye-kyo had an interview with the fashion magazine Harper's BAZAAR Korea and mentioned her strengths

On May 27th, Harper’s BAZAAR Korea released an interview video of Song Hye-kyo on their official YouTube channel.

In the video, Song Hye-kyo was asked to tell three strengths that she can confidently talk about. First of all, the actress picked “positive mindset”. She explained, “First, I try to stay positive even in bad or negative situations. I make an effort to think positively.”

song hye kyo

She added, “I used to be quite shy as a child, but now, I can blend well in any situation with people. I’ve become better at fitting in. That’s something I really like about myself”.

In addition, Song Hye-kyo shared, “I’ve learned not to take things for granted, and to be grateful. Even ordinary, quiet days feel so precious. I’ve come to realize that these aren’t small things, but rather significant. Having a grateful heart, that’s become a strength of mine recently”.

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