aespa’s “Armaggedon” MV Praised as “Masterpiece” that “Reeks of Money”

Korean netizens did not hold back on their praise for aespa’s “Armaggedon” MV, which is taking the world by storm. 

Previously on May 28, aespa dropped their 1st full album and MV for the title track of the same name, “Armaggedon”.

Ever since, reactions have been explosive, with people praising the “Armaggedon” MV to be a “masterpiece” and other saying the production scale “reeks of money”. 

aespa winter

The MV’s futuristic and grandeur style, attention to details, along with impressive editing, gives off an epic vibe that left a lasting impression. 

Below are some comments regarding aespa’s “Armaggedon” MV:

  • This is likely the best made MV in the last decade
  • Wow who is the MV director? The scale is on a different level
  • My jaw dropped watching the MV 
  • The MV is basically screaming “This is aespa” but in an epic way 
  • The editing and visuals quality is unmatched…

In fact, the reaction topic to aespa’s “Armaggedon” MV has attracted over 900 comments on the Korean forum theqoo, with almost all of them being praise. 

Source: theqoo, Krb

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