Song Hye-kyo Mentions Her Secret, “People Don’t Know My True Personality”

Actress Song Hye-kyo aroused fans’ interest as she confessed that her true personality was a secret that the public don’t know

On May 27th, the YouTube channel of “Harper’s BAZAAR Korea” uploaded a new video of actress Song Hye-kyo under the title “The Surprisingly Funny Side of Song Hye-kyo, the Actress with Bright Eyes”. In the video, Song Hye-kyo wrote “Useful Trivia Encyclopedia” by herself.

song hye kyo

When asked about her bucket list, Song Hye-kyo said, “I don’t really have one. Something to achieve, something I must do, somewhere to go, etc… I haven’t really thought about these things. I guess I’ve just lived without always planning. Just the current reality?”. She then wrote her wishes, saying “First, I hope my mom stays healthy. Second, to create many long-lasting memories with Ruby. And third, I hope my projects do well”.

Regarding the question about her secret, the actress shared, “People don’t really know my true personality”. She smiled and explained, “It’s something only my close friends know. I guess it’s kind of a secret. I want to show it more, but it doesn’t come out naturally because of the environment, so you don’t see that side of me”. Song Hye-kyo added, “I think I am quite normal, but my friends find me very funny”, arousing curiosity about her real personality.

In response to the question “A compliment I never tire of hearing?”, Song Hye-kyo said, “As an actress, the best compliment is being told I acted well. It’s what I always want to hear and I work hard for it”, showing her great passion for acting.

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