Every co-star is falling for Song Hye Kyo: from 2 “The Glory” actresses to Han So Hee

Song Hye Kyo’s playfully interacts with her co-stars from “The Glory” and the upcoming drama “The Price Of Confession.” 

Recently, fans are noticing increasing interactions between Song Hye Kyo and other actresses following the wrap-up of “The Glory.” Specifically, “The Glory” stars Lim Ji Yeon and Kim Hieora have been engaging more and more with Song Hye Kyo’s posts. 

han so hee

In addition, as Han So Hee is working with Song Hye Kyo on the upcoming drama “The Price Of Confession”, sweet interactions between the two actresses are also increasing. Notably, Han So Hee even commented, “You’re mine now” on one of Song Hye Kyo’s old posts. Then, on a more dated update, Han So Hee eagerly connected with her senior, exclaiming excitedly, “Me too!!! I took photos here too!!!!”


Contrary to their feud on-screen, Lim Ji Yeon also boasts a close relationship with Song Hye Kyo in real life. In particular, Ji Yeon said that she naturally became friends with Song Hye Kyo, and that the two of them carried out filming without any troubles. 

In a Cosmopolitan interview, Lim Ji Yeon mentioned her intimate relationship with Song Hye Kyo and the rest of the cast of “The Glory”, saying, “We play really purely together. There is no one that play purely like us. Even on the filming site, we mostly talk about eating or dogs. We are in a completely different relationship in real life. Hye Kyo bought us delicious pork and we’re really close. I really became best friends with [the co-stars] so we’re seeing each other frequently.”

kim hieora

Apart from Ji Yeon, Kim Hieora also could not hide her adoration for Song Hye Kyo and considered the “Descendants of the Sun” star as her idol. On the church scene where they collaborated together, Kim Hieora confessed, “After rehearsals, we were waiting so I told [Song Hye Kyo] ‘I’m a fan.’”

Afterwardsm, actress continued, “[Once filming began], I looked at her eyes and couldn’t start right away because she looked so pretty.” 

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