Song Hye Kyo’s 6 minutes of screentime in a Wang Kar Wai movie was enough to stun viewers

The audience was enamored by Song Hye Kyo’s allure in a work by Wang Kar Wai, despite her lack of screentime.

After the sensation created by “The Glory Part 2,” viewers are paying more attention to the past projects taken up by Song Hye Kyo, one of which is the Chinese movie “The Grandmaster” starring Tony Leung and Zhang Zi Yi. They also found out Song Hye Kyo, at one point, signed a contract with a Chinese artist management company.


“The Grandmaster” is a major movie project directed by the famous Hong Kong film director Wang Kar Wai. At first, fans thought Song Hye Kyo would take a more central position to the movie, either as a second female lead or an influential figure to the plot. However, in the final product, actress Song only appeared for 6 minutes out of the total of 130 minutes. She only had one line and never appeared again in the movie. 

In reality, Song Hye Kyo spent up to one year for that single line and 6 minutes of screentime. Most of the time she used was for the travel back and forth between Korea and China. It was reported that the actress had to play badminton to kill time while waiting for her shooting and even warned that she would drop her role. Due to her schedules, she could not further afford the travel for just one scene. Hence, her screentime was seriously reduced. 

Fans have various reactions to Song Hye Kyo’s past situation. Nonetheless, they admitted the actress had a worthwhile 6 minutes of appearance. The actress shone with beauty, elegance and class. She also received praise from the crew despite not being able to join the promotional activities for the movie. Tony Leung once shared that Song Hye Kyo was a professional actress who could quickly adapt to her working environment and overcome language barrier. 

Source: K14

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