Song Hye Kyo and other Kdrama stars whose fame might be going downhill due to bad choice of scripts

These actors’ careers have been in a downward spiral due to less successful projects.

All used to be outstanding Korean actors, they are gradually dropping their reputation for a number of reasons, the greatest of which is script-picking.

1. Song Hye Kyo

Once the queen of Korean screen ratings, but in recent years, in recent years Song Hye Kyo has received few projects. And, sadly, both of her most recent works were poorly reviewed. “Encounter”, in which she co-starred Park Bo Gum, was considered a disappointing work. Notably, many people also maliciously said that Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki got divorced because of this drama. Song Hye Kyo’s latest work “Now We Are Breaking Up” has been described as Song’s painful fall. It received poor ratings, and negative comments on social networking platforms. Due to this situation, Song Hye Kyo’s reputation is greatly affected.

2. Jang Ki Yong

“Now We Are Breaking Up” was a flop and of course, it affected not only Song Hye Kyo but also her co-star, Jang Ki Yong. Before joining the army, he worked very hard. He continuously starred in two dramas of two different genres, “My Roommate Is Gumiho” and “Now We Are Breaking Up”. Unfortunately, both works were not so successful. The fact that he did not have any successful works before joining the army made many people worry that when he is discharged and returns, Jang Ki Yong will hardly regain his reputation.

3. Ji Chang Wook

As an immensely popular actor, Ji Chang Wook would have been even more successful with better choices of scripts. His most recent work, “The Sound of Magic” was a prime example of this. As a musical, the series received rather mixed reactions as audiences find it hard to click. Therefore, despite receiving heavy investments from Netflix and having a star-studded cast, “The Sound of Magic” wasn’t able to gain much attention nor critical acclaim.

The Sound Of Magic
Ji Chang Wook’s latest work, “The Sound of Magic”, wasn’t successful.
The handsome actor needs to pick better scripts to fully show off his talents.

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