Son Ye Jin once turned down 4 blockbuster dramas that made netizens regret

Son Ye Jin has turned down quite a few works in her nearly 20-year career.

Son Ye Jin is one of the top Korean actors. Every year she receives many invitations and also declines many offers. Unfortunately, most of the TV shows she turned down had impressive ratings.

Son ye jin

1. Iris

Son Ye Jin’s rejection to take the lead in the blockbuster hit Iris must rank among her most regretful decisions. Son Ye Jin declined the invitation and spent time filming “White Night”. Unfortunately, White Night was a failure with less than 1 million tickets sold while Iris was the super blockbuster of 2009, which hit the viewership rating of 41.8% in the last episode. Son Ye Jin’s refusal that year gave Kim Tae Hee the opportunity to receive a work of a lifetime.

Son Ye Jin chose White Night
While Kim Tae Hee has an excellent breakthrough thanks to Iris

2. Sungkyunkwan Scandal

With an average rating of 10.1%, “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” was one of the most popular dramas of 2010. Following the success of the drama, young actors also received a lot of attention. It is known that Son Ye Jin was originally the director’s choice for the female lead role, but because she refused this offer and took the time to participate in the project “Personal Taste”. Park Min Young, therefore, had good fortune. In the end, “Personal Taste” is one of Son Ye Jin’s most commercially unsuccessful projects.

Personal Taste
Son Ye Jin chose to collaborate with Lee Min Ho in “Personal Taste”…
And luck then went to Park Min Young

3. My Spring Days

Not as famous as the two works mentioned above, but My Spring Days is also a hit on MBC with an average rating of 10.6%. The female lead of the film is female idol Sooyoung, who has performed her role so well that the audience would have thought that this role was born specifically for her. Few people know that the director initially targeted Son Ye Jin, but for unknown reasons, the “national first love” refused this offer.

son ye jin
my spring day

4. I Miss You

“I Miss You” is another MBC drama that Son Ye Jin rejected. This drama was released in 2012, starring Yoon Eun Hye, Park Yoo Chun and Yoo Seung Ho. “I Miss You” recorded an average rating of 13.7% and is one of Yoon Eun Hye’s most successful works. However, before Yoon Eun Hye, Son Ye Jin was invited to take on this female lead role.

Son Ye-jin
I Miss You

Source: K14

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