Son Ye Jin once “slapped” Hyun Bin because he couldn’t decide how to kiss her while filming

The adorable behind-the-scenes moment of Son Ye Jin – Hyun Bin in Crash Landing On You resurfaced.

Since the day they went public with their relationship, Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin almost never openly show their affection, even attending events together is rare. This makes fans extremely “desperate” for their moments, even having to bring up old pictures and behind-the-scenes footage to look back on the sweet moments of the visual couple. Recently, the making of the couple’s first on-screen kiss in Crash Landing On You has unexpectedly been spread again by fans on social media. The most interesting thing is Son Ye Jin’s attitude when her boyfriend was practicing the kissing scene.

hyun bin son ye jin

Since this is the first kiss of the two characters in the drama, Hyun Bin seemed to be quite confused. While Son Ye Jin was staying still, the actor was busy choosing the side to rotate his head so the kiss could look the best on camera. Son Ye Jin then got impatient and …slapped him, making Hyun Bin startled and fall backward. Watching this makes fans realize how powerful Son Ye Jin is! 

hyun bin son ye jin
The actor couldn’t decide the best way to tilt his head while kissing his partner…
hyun bin son ye jin
which caused him to get slapped 
hyun bin son ye jin
Finally they kissed for real…
hyun bin son ye jin
A passionate kiss
hyun bin son ye jin
After kissing, they couldn’t help laughing at themselves 

Looking at the amazing result of their heartfelt kiss, who would have thought it was their first time doing a kissing scene. Of course, the first kiss on screen is not the same as the first kiss in real life, being able to pull off the scene like this definitely means the couple has practiced a lot in real life!

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