Son Ye Jin once slapped her male co-star so hard that the director was ready to “throw hands”

A hilarious behind-the-scenes moment of Son Ye Jin resurfaced. 

Before confirming to be dating Hyun Bin, quite a few years ago, Son Ye Jin got involved in dating rumors with handsome male co-star Kim Nam Gil. The two’s great chemistry in Shark and Pirates made fans enthusiastically sail the ship for them, hoping that they would end up a couple in real life. 

Son Ye Jin Kim Nam Gil

Recently, some behind-the-scenes moments of Shark were reposted by fans, including a funny moment when Son Ye Jin slapped Kim Nam Gil while filming a forced kiss scene. Specifically, in a scene in the rain, after Kim Nam Gil kissed Son Ye Jin without her consent. Following the script, Son Ye Jin then slapped her co-star and walked away. Son Ye Jin did not hold back when slapping her male co-star, making the scene look absolutely realistic. But right after leaving the frame, Son Ye Jin felt guilty because she happened to slap Kim Nam Gil too hard. Kim Nam Gil even “froze” on the spot. He could only laugh because he was still in shock.

Kim Nam Gil froze in place while Son Ye Jin was so confused

Witnessing this scene, the director even went towards Son Ye Jin to “claim justice” for the male lead. Of course, the director was only joking, but Kim Nam Gil quickly “defrosted” and rushed to stop the “fight”.

Kim Nam Gil froze in place while Son Ye Jin was so confused

Shark” is a drama centering on a man named Han Yi Soo who changed his appearance and identity in revenge for the death of his father 12 years ago. And the girl Jo Hae Woo is a kind, enthusiastic prosecutor who is always longing for her first love Han Yi Soo. She is determined to find out the truth about the death of Yi Soo and his father.

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