Former idol Choa boasted love for her husband in new Instagram post

Choa from Crayon Pop expressed her affection for her husband.

Choa posted on her Instagram on January 27th, saying, “I love the time we laugh and sleep after chatting and talking about how our day was like every day.”


Choa then said, “We call this time a family meeting. I suddenly woke up from my sleep, but my husband sleeping next to me is so lovely that I can’t go back to sleep,” expressing her affection for him.

“When will this “bean pod” come off? Come to think of it, I don’t think I posted any wedding pictures of us on Instagram, so I will post some of my favorite photos. I’m going to gradually post them.” She added that the wedding pictorial was also taken at a camping site, so “I can’t wait to go camping with my oppa. I also want to do #Lovestagram.”

Along with this, the released photo contained Choa’s wedding pictorial. The two attract attention by creating a sweet setting with their warm-hearting visuals and lovely poses.

choa crayon pop

Meanwhile, Choa made her debut as a member of the group Crayon Pop in 2012. In December last year, she married a businessman who is 6 years older.

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