Son Seok-gu on his recent popularity, “I can feel it… I’m very overwhelmed and thankful” → The reason why he could not greet fans at the airport

Actor Son Seok-gu talked about his recent popularity.

Actors Son Seok-gu and Choi Gwi-hwa of “The Roundup” appeared as guests in the special invitation section of SBS PowerFM’s Cultwo Show”, which aired on June 2nd.

When asked if he realized his popularity these days, Son Seok-gu replied, “I do and it feels so real. I could feel it immediately after I returned to Korea and I’m really thankful for that. That’s all I can think of. I’m overwhelmed.”

son seok gu

Revealing that he, who is in the middle of filming schedule in the Philippines, returned home early the day before, Son Seok-gu added, “When I arrived, it seemed that fans had already been waiting at the airport. I couldn’t meet them. We didn’t have a plan so I didn’t know they were there. But there seemed to be a live broadcast. The director later asked me ‘Why didn’t you come out?’, and I said ‘I didn’t know’. What a regret. I wish I couldn’t greet them in public.”

son seok gu

He added, “They (fans) came to the right place. I was supposed to go out from that gate but since I missed the flight in the Philippines, I had to take another one 5 minutes later and got off somewhere else. I think I would have met them if we had an appointment in advance. It would be so great”, drawing attention by expressing his regret of not being able to meet his fans.

son seok gu

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