Some BTS’s fans attacked AKMU Lee Suhyun’s live stream with spam and malicious comments

Some BTS’s fans are being criticized for coming to AKMU Lee Suhyun’s live stream just to spam about their idol BTS in her chat.

K-Pop artists always have to face the problem of impolite comments during their live stream. Among that, the most uncomfortable situation must comment mentioning other idols that are unrelated to the artist doing that live stream. In response to this, some might ignore those comments, but some might even voice out their concern right on the stream.

This situation happened to Lee Suhyun of AKMU at her latest Vlive. Even though it was obviously Suhyun’s live stream, and both artists, as well as agencies, didn’t have any relation with each other, some BTS fans still swarmed her live stream with disrespect.

AKMU Lee Suhyun BTS fans

On Oct 13th, Lee Suhyun did a live stream on Vlive titled “Hi!”. This was her first appearance on Vlive ever since her last stream which was on May 13th. However, different from all of her Vlive streams before, the comments section was chaotic. This happened after many BTS fans went in and spammed her chat with unrelated comments.

According to fans, Oct 13th is also BTS Jimin’s birthday, which is why the comment section is flooded with birthday celebration messages towards Jimin. At that time, Jimin still hadn’t done his birthday live stream, so many fans started to comment: “I’m waiting for Jimin’s Vlive”, “Jimin live”, “When will Jimin do his live stream?”,…

AKMU Lee Suhyun BTS fans

During Suhyun’s live broadcast that lasted over 2 hours, the comment section was flooded with such spam comments, either being rude or mentioning unrelated artists. What infuriated Suhyun’s fans even more is that there were many comments criticizing the female singer’s appearance, calling her “ugly” and more. Seeing Suhyun being unreasonably insulted, many AKMU fans spoke out to defend the female singer, even getting into a fight with BTS’s fans. That’s why the comment section turned into a mess.

AKMU Lee Suhyun BTS fans

Although she still continued to chat with fans, Suhyun was clearly aware of what was going on in the comments. The female singer still kept a normal attitude. She kindly said, “Everyone, please don’t argue. You can use banmal (casual and informal words) or jondaemal (more formal words), just don’t cross the line. But I also haven’t seen anyone overstepping the line… And if someone mentions other artists that’s okay, I can just ignore them.’

AKMU Lee Suhyun BTS fans

Suhyun has been body-shamed many times. She has also repeatedly responded directly to the comments targeting her look. However, during the latest live broadcast, Suhyun’s attitude is said to be thoughtful and kind, even asking fans not to fight over the spam comments because she could just look past them.

Suhyun mentioned how fans were fighting over unrelated comments during the live broadcast 

Meanwhile, many netizens and even other BTS fans can’t stand the thoughtless behavior of a group of ARMY. They demand this situation to be put an end to, and if those rude fans actually care about their idols, they shouldn’t do things that negatively affect the idols and fandom’s image.

However, there are also some arguments saying that since those accounts are not clearly identified, it is not fair to accuse all of them of belonging to ARMYs because anyone could open an account ‘pretending to be a BTS’s fan’ and leave spam comments in the live broadcasts of other artists on purpose to taint the image of BTS and their fandom.

What do you think about the situation of Suhyun receiving BTS-related comments during her Vlive?

Source: Tinnhac

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