SNSD’s Yoona Makes a 5.7 Billion KRW Real Estate Investment with a New Home Purchase

Yoona’s Real Estate Empire Expands with a Luxurious Apartment Purchase

Popular South Korean actress Yoona, known for her versatile talent and stunning beauty, has recently expanded her real estate holdings with the purchase of a luxurious apartment. According to Skyedaily, the property is located in the prestigious Mark Hills Cheongdam 1 tower in Gangnam District. The apartment boasts an impressive area of approximately 260.1 square meters and carries a substantial price tag of 5.7 billion KRW. What sets this acquisition apart is Yoona’s ability to pay the entire amount in one installment without the need for a bank loan. With this latest addition, Yoona’s total real estate value has reached an estimated 30 billion KRW, including several other properties she had previously acquired.

SNSD yoona

Situated in a high-end residential area, the Mark Hills Cheongdam 1 tower offers exclusivity and luxury. Each floor houses only one household, ensuring privacy and comfort. The apartment comes equipped with private elevators and a rooftop terrace, providing breathtaking views of the surroundings. The building also boasts a stringent security system to ensure the safety and privacy of high-ranking officials and celebrities who call it home.

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