SM’s upcoming plans: new NCT sub-units, SuperM’s comeback, expansion in Asia 

Lee Soo Man, the founder and head of SM Entertainment, discussed his future plans for artists under SM Entertainment. 

In an interview with media outlet CNBC, which was conducted in November, SM founder Lee Soo Man revealed his various plans for artists in the company. In particular, he told CNBC that SuperM will be making a comeback announcement in early 2023. There are also plans for new NCT sub-units in Saudi Arabia and Tokyo, he said. 


At the same time, the company also confirmed in an email that they will be setting up a Southeast Asian headquarters in Singapore as part of its expansion plans in the region. It is mentioned that the Singapore headquarters will also be “managing joint ventures in Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand, as well as communicating with [South Korea office] for other related ventures and plans.”

On top of that, SM plans to launch retail businesses in Singapore, including cafes, merchandise stores and pop-up exhibitions, said CNBC. 

nct 127

In addition, Lee Soo Man revealed his ambition on creating NCT Singapore, but did not confirm any definite plans. The company also emphasized its aim, not only to expand to other parts of Southeast Asia, but also to the wider continent, including the Middle East. 

Source: CNBC 

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