SM Ent’s 3 new rookies share interesting stories about them: being a hardcore fan of EXO Sehun, choosing Chang Min and D.O as ideal types

The 3 new members of SM Rookie recently received a lot of love from the public

Recently, 3 new members of SM Rookies, Matsushima Shohei, Song Eunseok and Hong Seunghan had an exclusive interview with WWD magazine.

On this day, Shohei, the only Japanese member, expressed his admiration for SM seniors and said that Sehun is the reason why he wants to become a K-Pop idol. 

The male trainee shared, “When I was in high school, I accidentally heard EXO’s song ‘Overdose’. When I saw that performance, I fell in love with Sehun sunbaenim at first sight and started thinking about becoming an idol. He became my role model, the person I respect the most. When I was a trainee with Avex in Japan, I found an opportunity and started joining SM Entertainment.” 

Next, Eunseok – who has an SM-style face, revealed his casting process: “Actually, I don’t have much interest in being an idol. Since joining the company, I gradually developed a passion and a dream. I want to be like TVXQ’s Max Changmin sunbaenim.”

He added: “I was cast by the company on the way home. I didn’t care at first, the person I talked to didn’t reveal the company name, so I didn’t want to give out my personal information. But after being recruited 4 times in front of the school gate, subway station, Cheongdam-dong street, and on the way home, I started to change my mind.

Finally, Seunghan also revealed his predestined relationship with SM and his ideal type, saying: “When I was in my 3rd year of high school, I received a casting offer on the way to the entrance exam to art high school. Actually, I also received business cards from some other companies but I don’t think about them at all because SM is the most familiar name to me since I was little. I like the way SM artists are close to each other like family.

Meanwhile, Netizens are currently interested in SM’s future intentions for these trainees, namely whether they will be brought to the NCT system and make their debut in NCT Japan, the group’s upcoming subgroup, or in a brand-new boy group that is unrelated to NCT. 

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