Suzy, “I was too busy that I didn’t have enough time to enjoy happiness… I might fall down once, but I stay strong” 

Singer-actress Suzy recalled the days when she was really busy with schedules.

SBS’s entertainment show “MMTG”, which aired on July 1st, gave fans an opportunity to look back on Suzy’s grown-up process, from her debut to the present.

Suzy, who was known as a “practice bug” during her trainee days, revealed that she continued to write practice notes even after her debut. In her practice notes, she wrote, “Even if things get hard, try not to show it”, “Think about the difficulties that others face”, “Think about fans”, “Practice like crazy (until falling down and going to the hospital)”, etc. 

When asked if she pushed herself too much, Suzy said, “I practiced more intensely when I was young. I practiced more because compared to others, I debuted with a shorter training period”. Suzy won the 2010 MAMA’s Rookie Award as a singer and the Best New Actress at the 2011 KBS Drama Awards for “Dream High”, 2012 KBS Entertainment Awards for “Invincible Youth 2”, and the Baeksang Arts Awards for “Architecture 101”, etc. as an actress

Suzy shared, “I didn’t get any feel at that time. I was too busy. I didn’t have enough time to fully feel it. I don’t think I knew how great it was.”

Jae Jae then asked, “Shouldn’t you give yourself a little time to feel the happiness? You succeeded because you work so hard, right? You must have worked extremely hard, hard enough to not remember anything.”

In response, Suzy said, “It’s might be the problem with my memory, but I don’t think I had to work that hard”. When asked what would she feel if she work less hard and only get half of her rookie awards, Suzy said, “Then should I just work hard?”, drawing laughter.

Mentioning Suzy’s passionate acting when she starred in the drama “While You Were Sleeping”, Jae Jae said, “I didn’t know you poured out this much effort. I thought you were born with it. Have you ever just relaxed and played a little bit?”. Suzy said, “I don’t like playing and doing things half-heartedly. I’m the style that can’t stay still. I will stay healthy.

She added, “When I was really busy, you fainted once. I tried to think that I am really strong. When people think it’s obvious, although it’s hard as we stay up many nights, we don’t fall down easily.”

Source: daum

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