“SKY Castle” Kim Hye-yoon appeared with a dragon sleeve tattoo, what’s going on? 

Actor Kim Hye-yoon transforms herself through the movie “The Girl on a Bulldozer,” heralding the birth of an unrivaled and unique character that was not seen in existing Korean films. 

Kim Hye-yoon‘s first feature film since her debut, “The Girl on a Bulldozer” (Directed by Park Yi-woong, Produced by Stubborn Studio, Distributed by Little Big Pictures Twin Plus Partners), is a real runaway drama where Hye-young, a 19-year-old, is driven out of control and explodes her anger toward the world.

Kim Hye-yoon

Kim Hye-yoon poured hot energy into the role of Hye-young to express the infested inner side of her character with her whole body. “There were times when the energy inside the character was so boiling that it was difficult to keep it inside my mind alone during the filming.” While practicing at the academy, she became familiar with bulldozers, and she shows herself driving the bulldozers in the movie. With such passion, she is expected to captivate the audience with a different charm from her previous roles.

Along with Kim Hye-yoon, “The Girl on a Bulldozer” features actor Park Hyuk-kwon, actor Oh Man-seok of the movies “War on Crime,” dramas “Police University” and “Mystic Pop-up Bar,” and singer and actor Ye-sung, who is working as an actor, to add to the movie’s spectacles.

Kim Hye-yoon

This debut work of Director Park Yi-woong, who has had various experiences, was inspired by the true stories of people who led heavy equipment with a view to society and the characters. Based on the power of the story with the actual event as a motif, the timeliness indicating the present is added to lead to empathy. It was presented in the section of Today-Panorama of Korean Film at the 26th Busan International Film Festival and has received favorable reviews from critics and audiences. “The Girl on a Bulldozer”, which will be remembered as a unique Korean movie that has never been seen before, will be released in April.

Meanwhile, Kim Hye-yoon made her name known to viewers by playing the role of Kang Ye-seo in the JTBC drama “SKY Castle” in 2018. Through this drama, which she passed the audition with a competition rate of 200 to 1, Kim won the Baeksang Arts Awards for female rookie acting in the TV category, and later proved her acting spectrum of 3 roles in 1 in MBC drama “Extraordinary You.”

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