Six female idols who are considered the candidates for the next female lead of the “Reply” series 

Here are 6 female idols who are suitable for the female lead role in the “Reply” series with a retro touch to teen romance.

Lately, along with the high-teen concept, Y2K, a fashion trend at the end of the century, is in vogue. As a result, many netizens have expressed their wish to have “Reply 2002” as the next drama in the “Reply” series.

In particular, there are many opinions that it would be good to cast female idols with a similar charm to Apink’s Jung Eunji and Girl’s Day Hyeri, to play the female lead in the next season of “Reply”. 

Let’s take a look at 6 female idols who are mentioned the most as candidates for the next female lead of the “Reply” series. 

1. IVE’s Ahn Yujin

IVE’s Ahn Yujin, who is appearing in tvN’s “Earth Arcade”, is loved for her playful charm and lovely appearance. 

Ahn Yujin also popularized a pose where she stretches her hand out and covers her lips with it. There have been a lot of comments asking Yujin to play the female lead in the “Reply” series. 

Ahn Yujin has good vocalization and diction, so many netizens say she will definitely do well if she officially starts acting.

2. New Jeans’ Minji

HYBE’s new girl group New Jeans has been gaining great popularity since their debut album was released on August 1st.

Minji has captured everyone’s hearts with her neat, long straight hair and radiant, innocent beauty with light makeup.

Minji is said to perfectly suit New Jeans’ teen concept in the debut album. Therefore, many netizens believe Minji’s image would make her a good match for the next female lead of “Reply”. 

3. IU

With her outstanding acting skills and beautiful visuals, IU is without doubt one of the most loved artists in Korea. 

IU has both a refreshing and mature charm, so there are plenty of comments saying that she fits well with the female lead character of the “Reply” series.

If she plays the female lead in the next “Reply” drama, it is expected that viewers will be able to see more of her witty and comic acting, so expectations are high.

4. Kim Sejeong

Kim Sejeong, who has successfully proved her acting skills after starring in hit dramas, such as OCN’s “The Uncanny Counter” and SBS’s “Business Proposal”, is also mentioned as a candidate for the female lead role of “Reply” series.

Showing great chemistry with Jo Byunggyu and Ahn Hyoseop, who are actors of her same age, Kim Sejeong was given the nickname “chemistry fairy”.

Supposing Kim Sejeong appears in the “Reply” series, which mostly centers on high-teen romance, she will probably form a well-matched pair with the male lead with both her face and acting.

5. LOONA’s Chuu

LOONA’s Chuu, who attracts many fans with her cheerful charm, is also one of the idols whom netizens want to see as the female lead in the “Reply” series.

Chuu has revealed her unique skills and lovely personality through many entertainment programs and also content on her Youtube channel.

With her energetic and lively personality, Chuu will suit the image of the so-called “crazy daughter” female lead in “Reply”.

6. Red Velvet’s Joy

Joy is one of the female idols who perfectly pull off the Y2K fashion style, which was a trend at the end of the 20th century.

With her bright image that goes well with the retro high-teen concept, Joy is a strong candidate for the female lead position of the “Reply” series, a drama set in the past.

Joy played her first lead role in tvN’s 2017 drama “The Liar and His Lover” and she is still active as an actress.

Source: insight

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