The decision made by a girl group member for her debut drama

Let’s find out about “Alchemy of Souls” actress Arin’s determination!

Oh My Girl Arin, who played Jin Cho-yeon – the best celebrity in Daeho and the youngest daughter of the Jin family – in tvN’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Alchemy of Souls“, released behind-the-scenes photos through Instagram.

The photos were taken on set of “Alchemy of Souls” Part 1, which ended the previous day. Arin took pictures with the actors who worked together with her in a friendly way.

Her appearance beside Park Dang-gu (played by Yoo In-soo) and Mu-deok (played by Jung So-min) as well as Jin Woo-tak (played by Joo Seok-tae) and Jin Ho-kyung (played by Park Eun-hye), who took on the roles of her father and mother in the drama, are also attracting attention.

Along with the photos, Arin wrote, “See you soon, bye.” Netizens responded, “See you soon in Part 2″, “I enjoyed watching the drama” and “I support actress Choi Ye-won (Arin’s real name).”

Arin portrayed Jin Cho-yeon, who looks more gorgeous and dignified than anyone else on the outside but in fact has a child-like innocence, with her own unique charm.

Even though it was her first traditional drama challenge, she received a lot of love from viewers for adding vitality to the drama and being responsible for the hidden fun.

In particular, she was praised for increasing viewers’ immersion level by deeply expressing Cho-yeon’s despair when she learned the ugly secret of her father Jin Woo-tak.

On top of that, in front of her father’s death, she drew a deeper emotional line with her intense eyes and lowered voice tone, which were completely different from her bright appearance, and decorated the last episode more abundantly.

Arin made her acting debut through the 2020 tvN D web drama “The World of My 17” before appearing in “Alchemy of Souls”.

Based on the webtoon of the same name serialized on Naver Webtoon, “The World of My 17” is a drama that tells the lovely story of school days, when friends are everything, through high school friends’ friendship and growth story.

Arin played Oh Na-ri, the main character of “The World of My 17”. She showed an unusual attitude towards acting by boldly cutting her long straight hair into short hair in order to digest Oh Na-ri, who is characterized by short hair.

Fans were also surprised by the transformation of Arin, who has maintained long hair since her debut. However, she surprised them once again because her short hair suited her well.

Meanwhile, Arin, who debuted under girl group “Oh My Girl” in 2015, is one of the first to join the team, but she is monopolizing the love of her sisters as the youngest member in the group.

Not only does she have singing skills and a tone that suits the group’s atmosphere, but she also shows the qualities of an all-round entertainer as she is good at acting.

When asked “Is there any genre or character you want to try?“, Arin replied, “I want to try a funny, sweet and exciting rom-com. I usually enjoy watching rom-com dramas and movies. I had a chance to show you a romantic comedy performance with Dang-gu through ‘Alchemy of Souls’, but it was harder than I thought. But since it’s hard, I want to try it someday. I want to challenge myself to grow further.”

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