Singing about environmental challenges, Dreamcatcher surpassed TWICE among girl groups with the most No.1 on iTunes album chart

They are a rare K-pop group that addresses environmental issues through their music.

On April 12, Dreamcatcher made a comeback with the title track MAISON included in the second full album “Apocalypse: Save us”. This is Dreamcatcher‘s first comeback in 2022, 9 months after the release of the special summer album “Summer Holiday” in 2021. 

MAISON MV – Dreamcatcher

Through the song MAISON produced by Ollounder and LEEZ, Dreamcatcher calls for action to protect the earth from global warming. The song carries a critical message toward people who callously destroy the environment with inappropriate behaviors. This is a rare K-pop album that addresses this topical and urgent issue.

Dreamcatcher‘s “Apocalypse: Save us” debuted at #1 on the US iTunes album chart, becoming the third album in 2022 to achieve this after DICE by SHINee’s Onew and Stray KidsODDINARY.

Dreamcatcher also became the 5th K-pop girl group with an album topping the US iTunes album chart after BLACKPINK, TWICE, Red Velvet, and LOONA. This is a remarkable achievement, especially for a non-Big3 group. 

Dreamcatcher becomes the 5th K-pop girl group to have an album topping the US iTunes album chart

Dreamcatcher has topped the girl group segment of the iTunes Worldwide album chart and had the same achievements as MAMAMOO, with Red Velvet (6 times), BLACKPINK and LOONA (4 times).

Kpop girl groups with the most #1 on iTunes Worldwide album chart:

1. Red Velvet: 6 times

2. BLACKPINK, LOONA: 4 times 

3. MAMAMOO, Dreamcatcher: 3 times

4. TWICE, (G)I-DLE, ITZY: 2 times

Currently, Dreamcatcher will start promoting their new album on weekly music shows from M!Countdown on April 14. After that, the group is expected to hold a tour in several countries around the world, for the first time in more than 2 years since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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