Lee Seung-gi: “We get angry when Son Heung-min is racially discriminated against, but to mixed-race people…”

Actor-singer Lee Seung-gi was outraged by racism in our society.

SBS’s “Circle House“, which aired on April 21st, was filled with the theme of “Discriminating majority vs overdoing minority, eccentric X in this area”.

On this day’s broadcast, 21-year-old mixed-race model Bae Yoo-jin appeared and said, “My father is Nigerian and my mother is Korean. I’m a Korean with a resident registration card.” She surprised everyone by confessing, “The shocking words I heard while growing up in Korea were ‘black sister’, ‘nigger’ and ‘Go pick cotton (like a black slave)’.”

Upon hearing the story, Lee Seung-gi pointed out the problem, “One of the things I learned when I was a student is that ‘We are one ethnic family’. The teachers taught it as something to be proud of. On the contrary, when Koreans go abroad and face racism, we get very angry. We’re angry at how they could discriminate against Son Heung-min. And then we actually…”

Oh Eun-young added, “As Lee Seung-gi said, the concept of ‘one ethnic family’ is at the root of racism in our society. The word “Go to your country” is so inappropriate because Bae Yoo-jin has Korean nationality. We judge such a person by the color of her skin.”

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