Singer and actress Hwayoung in talk for the supporting role that later went to Yoo In Na: was declined because of her age 

“Goblin” would have witnessed another outcome if there had been a change in the cast. 

Coming out in the “explosive year” of 2016 of Korea, “Goblin” made fans fall in love not only with the ups and downs between the human – goblin relationship between Eun Tak and Kim Shin, but also with their charming supporting cast. Kim Sun by Yoo In Na is one of those characters. Her bright as sunshine personality garnered vast popularity for the actress. Little did the audience know that the role almost got to someone else. 

yoo in na goblin

In an tvN’s talk show “Taxi”, former T-ARA member, singer and actress Hwayoung unexpectedly revealed she auditioned for two major roles, one of which was the supporting role Kim Sun in “Goblin”. However, due to various reasons, she was not chosen. 

Hwayoung auditioned for “Kim Sun” in “Goblin” 

She said on the show: “I was in talks with screenwriter Kim Eun Sook and the director to play the role that subsequently went to Yoo In Na. In the end, I was not chosen because they thought I was too young for the role”. 

Hwayoung shared her bits on the show 

At the time of casting for the 2016 series, Hwayoung had already left  T-ARA amidst controversies, leading to their decline in popularity. After her departure, Hwayoung also received less recognition, she was not sought after even when she crossed into acting. Some of her notable works include “Ex-Girlfriends’ Club” and “The Beauty Inside”.

Hwayoung had a hard time after leaving her former group 

Another project that came up was “Descendants of the Sun” where she competed the role against Kim Ji Won. However, she only landed a guest role in episode 4, as the ex-girlfriend of Dae Young. 

Hwayoung made a minor appearance in “Descendants of the Sun”

After “Goblin”, Yoo In Na’s career turned over a new page. She was able to touch the audience with her performance and was called “The most loved female second lead”. She later reunited with Lee Dong Wook in the 2019 series “Touch Your Heart”. 

yoo in na lee dong wook
yoo in na lee dong wook
Yoo In Na was a sought-after name following the success of “Goblin”

Image source: KBS2, tvN

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