Shunsuke Michieda, “Thank you for giving me the nickname ‘One-in-a-million male idol’. I’m touched by Korean fans’ enthusiastic love”

Actor Shunsuke Michieda expressed his feelings about the success of “Even If This Love Disappears from the World Tonight”.

On the morning of January 25th, the press conference for “Even If This Love Disappears from the World Tonight”, featuring Shunsuke Michieda as the main character, was held at CGV Yongsan I-Park Mall in Yongsan-gu, Seoul.

Shunsuke Michieda

“Even If This Love Disappears from the World Tonight” is a romance movie about the world in which world where love disappears every night centering on Maori (Riko Fukumoto), a girl with amnesia who loses memories of the day before when she wakes up, and Toru (Shunsuke Michieda), an ordinary boy who no one remembers.

Since its release, the film has been breaking various records, ranking 1st in box-office success among Japanese romance movies in the past 15 years and 2nd  in Japanese romance movies in about 20 years since “Love Letter”.

Visiting Korea before the movie attracted 1 million viewers, Shunsuke Michieda said, “I can’t speak Korean but I did study a little bit. I’m glad to meet you all”, delivering his first greeting in Korea. He continued, “Thank you for welcoming me with warm and enthusiastic support. I’m very impressed and I think this is such a great city”.

Shunsuke Michieda

Shunsuke Michieda entered Korea the day before amid explosive cheers from Korean fans. He said he could feel the warmth of Korean fans’ love with his skin. The actor shared, “I was very anxious but I’m grateful knowing many people cheer for me”. He promised, “Next time, I want to give you more entertainment content, like coming to Korea alone and doing a live broadcast”.

Shunsuke Michieda is nicknamed “One-in-a-million male idol” in Korea. He was first known as an actor and idol member of the boy group Naniwa Danshi. Hearing his nickname, he said, “I feel thankful and embarrassed at the same time”, adding “It’s embarrassing to say this myself, but I really appreciate it if I actually had the amazing appearance like you described. I think the movie achieved such good results thanks to the excellent acting of all the actors, the director’s directing skills, as well as the hard work and support of the staff”, showing his humble side.

Source: Daum

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