Shocking past photos of an obese YouTuber who is famous for being pretty despite weighing 110kg 

This YouTuber got the public’s attention with her features that are as pretty as celebrities despite her weight of 110kg. She recently released some photos of her past.   

On the 24th of last month, YouTuber Hee Seol-ki announced that she became extremely obese due to a disease called anthropogenic Cushing’s syndrome.

She had originally maintained her weight in the 50kg range, but she explained her gained weight was due to the disease and she was unable to manage her weight afterward because she was exhausted even after treatment.

Nevertheless, in a bright and positive manner, she expressed her ambition to go on a diet to lose up to 55kg in the future to cosplay Young-shim.

Hee Seol-gi surprised netizens by releasing her past photos along with her current diet.

Before gaining weight, her beauty that is outstanding even now shone brightly.

Since elementary, middle, and high school, she has had a thick double eyelid and a sharp nose. Those who saw the photos could not hide their surprise, saying it was the face that can become the center of an idol group.

Netizens continue to respond, saying “She is a legend among the unscratched lottery tickets,” in anticipation that Hee Seol-gi, who started dieting, will soon return to her past appearance like in the photos. 

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