Shocked by BTS ‘Butter’ CD First Day Sales: Breaking new record within 24 hours!

Many people couldn’t help but be surprised at the sales of the CD single ‘Butter’ on the first day. 

BTS is back with a new song and it’s rocking this summer once again.  At 1 pm on July 9 (KST), the group released the CD version of ‘Butter’ with a brand new MV titled ‘Permission to Dance’ – a song co-written by Ed. Sheeran.

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Besides the praise for a song that lights up a message of hope like ‘Permission to Dance’, there is another achievement that BTS has achieved that also surprised many people.  That is the achievement of sales of CD single ‘Butter’ within the first 24 hours after its release.  Currently, this is becoming a hot topic on online forums in both Korea and internationally, and even Hanteo chart has to report with the title: ‘[Shock] BTS has surpassed 1 million records on the first day with the CD single ‘Butter”.

First, we need to note that Hanteo is a statistical chart of physical albums sold at official websites and stores in Korea.  Hanteo Chart only counts the ACTUAL album sales – that is, when the album has been shipped to the recipient.  So this is a number that can almost accurately reflect how many album copies an artist sells.

BTS started selling CD singles (also counted as hard disk albums) at 1 pm on July 9 (KST).  According to official data from Hanteo, the group has officially surpassed 1 million copies sold at 6:21 pm on July 9 (KST).  Hanteo said that this is a huge number, and surpassing 1 million copies in the first day is a record that only BTS has ever achieved.

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After the first 24 hours, sales of the CD single ‘Butter’ were announced at 1,711,870 copies.  Thus, BTS is the artist with the highest sales on the first day of release in 2021 on the Hanteo chart.

On the other hand, CD single ‘Butter’ ranked 3rd in the highest first-day sales chart in Hanteo chart history.  The two higher positions also belong to BTS, with ‘MAP OF THE SOUL:7’ (2,653,050 copies) at No. 1 and ‘BE’ (1,950,106 copies) at No. 2.

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In addition, considering the record of the highest first-week sales in Hanteo chart history, the CD single ‘Butter’ is currently ranked 4th with 1,711,870 copies, surpassing SEVENTEEN’s ‘Your Choice’ (1,364,127 copies).  However, there are still 6 days to go and this number will likely continue to increase.  Currently, the top 3 of this record is still held by BTS as below.

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On the Korean Pann forum, an article on the top hot topic titled: ‘BTS’ first week sales are so crazy’ is receiving the attention of Knets.  The post owner said it took the group just one day to reach 1.7 million copies, and will continue to have another 6 days to increase the first week sales for the CD single ‘Butter’.

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Previously, BTS also surpassed 1 million copies after the first day with ‘Map of the Soul: PERSONA’, ‘Map of the Soul: 7’ and ‘BE’, but why can this still shock Knets so much?  The reason is that ‘Butter’ is simply a CD single and not the group’s comeback album.  Besides, this product includes 1 old song (‘Butter’ was released on May 21) and only added one new b-side song, but sales are still easily hit such a “huge” milestone. 

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