SHINee’s Onew reveals he still owns Tesla stocks with a yield of 1000% 

Onew proves himself to be an ‘Investment Genius.’

SHINee’s Onew and Jessie guested on SBS Power FM’s radio program ‘Cultwo Show‘ broadcast on April 14th. During his appearance, Onew received a question from DJ Kim Tae Gyun, “Onew is the person who opened the stock market as a representative of idols. Please tell us about the stock market these days.”

Onew then said, “I pressed the button and the stock market opened,” referring to his attendance at the 2022 stocks and derivatives market opening ceremony as a representative of individual investors. Onew added, “I invested a lot (in the past), but these days I am promoting, so I only have stocks for long-term investment.” 

When asked if he had any special investment tips he wanted to share, Onew answered, “I don’t have the know-how of (stocks), so I keep them in a reliable place for a long time. Even if the stocks fall, I just leave it there until I reach the target price.” 

Kim Tae Gyun then asked about Onew’s Tesla stocks that yielded up to 1000%. In response, Onew said, “I still own Tesla stocks. It’s funny though. I bought them with my mother’s account when I first started stocks, so I haven’t looked at them since then. I just know that they increased.”


Regarding the stocks of his agency, SM Entertainment, Onew shared, “I have SM stocks. The company didn’t give the shares to me. I bought them when the price was low.”

In September 2021, Onew appeared on Kakao TV’s entertainment show ‘March of the Ants Chapter 5‘ and mentioned the spectacular profits of his investment in Tesla stocks. He said that he invested 5 million won in Tesla in 2017 and achieved a return of 1000% in 4 years.


Meanwhile, Onew made a solo comeback by releasing his second mini-album ‘DICE‘ on April 11th. The title track ‘Dice‘ compares the feelings of falling in love to a game, and tells the story of betting everything on the person you love.

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