Shin Min-ah flaunted her natural beauty as Givenchy Beauty’s muse on Elle Korea

Shin Min-ah showed off the dignity of natural beauty and showed off her ‘pure glamor’ figure.

On June 30, Elle Korea shared a new post on the official Instagram, saying: “Givenchy Beauty’s muse, Shin Min-ah’s easy and natural ‘Care&Glow’ beauty routine! Don’t miss the #GivencyBeauty new item that delivers moisture and nutrition and at the same time expresses pink complexion and radiance.” Various pictorial cuts of Shin Min-ah were uploaded along with the promotional message.

In the pictorial, Shin Min-ah showed off her innocent beauty by hanging out long hair with a white shirt and a lace slip skirt. In addition, she showed off her glamorous body with a beige knit. In another photo, the actress wore a black tight-knit, emphasizing her shoulder and waistline with zero fat, drawing admiration.

Shin Min-ah, who is currently in a public relationship with actor Kim Woo-bin, is taking a break after finishing the drama ‘Our Blues‘.

Shin Min-ah Elle

Source: nate

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