SEVENTEEN’s Sasaeng Fansite Gives Netizens Goosebumps as They Are Seen in “Superman Returns” Official Preview 

A fansite of SEVENTEEN’s Joshua was caught on camera stalking and taking unauthorized photos during a private schedule.

Sasaeng fans, also known as “obsessive fans,” are a disturbing phenomenon in the world of K-pop. These fans go to great lengths to get close to their favorite idols, often crossing boundaries and invading their privacy.

Recently, netizens have been buzzing about a sasaeng fansite of SEVENTEEN’s Joshua, who was caught stalking and taking unauthorized photos of him during a private schedule. 

The incident occurred when Joshua and Jun were filming for popular reality show “Superman Returns.”


Although Joshua and Jun’s guest appearance had not been announced on the day of filming, the sasaeng fansite managed to get wind of it and showed up to stalk Joshua. They posted photos of Joshua filming the show on Twitter on the same day.

Later, the sasaeng fansite was captured holding a camera in the background of an official preview for “Superman Returns”, giving netizens goosebumps.

Many netizens expressed their disgust at the sasaeng fans’ behavior and the invasion of SEVENTEEN members’ privacy.

  • This photo gave me goosebumps. I feel bad for idols who are under constant surveillance every single day.
  • It’s disturbing how these sasaeng fans are going to such lengths to stalk idols.
  • Idols must feel extremely uncomfortable and frightened by sasaeng fans
  • It’s shocking to learn that a popular fansite is engaging in such creepy behavior.

Source: fb

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