Seventeen’s S.Coups Leaves Hospital After Surgery for ‘Ruptured Cruciate Ligament

Seventeen’s S.Coups, which had suspended activities due to an injury, is currently focusing on rehabilitation after surgery.

On the 24th, Pledis Entertainment announced the progress of S.Coups‘s treatment through an official notice on the Weverse fan community.

Previously, S.Coups sustained a left knee injury while filming a content-related sports activity on the 10th. Pledis stated, “Immediately after the accident, we took S.Coups to the hospital for precise examinations including an MRI. The diagnosis revealed a tear in the anterior cruciate ligament of the left knee, requiring treatment and surgery.

Seventeen S.Coups

During this time, Pledis further explained through an additional notice, “Following medical advice, S.Coups underwent necessary medical measures before the surgery. On the 21st, they underwent anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction and lateral collateral ligament reconstruction surgeries. The surgeries were successful, and S.Coups was discharged on the 24th in the morning. They are currently taking rest and stabilizing.

Continuing, “For the time being, S.Coups plans to fully focus on recovery and rehabilitation based on the opinion that an absolute recovery period is required. To expedite recovery, they will utilize crutches and a wheelchair after wearing auxiliary equipment. Afterward, they will undergo rehabilitation therapy to return to fans in a healthy condition.


Additionally, Pledis mentioned, “Once medical opinions confirm stable recovery of the surgical site, S.Coups will flexibly manage their second-half schedule within reasonable limits. We kindly ask for fans’ understanding regarding this matter.

Pledis assured that the health and safety of the artist are of the utmost priority, and they are making every effort to support S.Coups in recovering health as quickly as possible.

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