“Seungri and Lee Seo-won’s cases disappear…” It’s time to block ‘enlistment for escape’

It is expected that the trick, which male entertainers involved in crimes used, called ‘enlistment for escape’ will disappear.

The Ministry of Strategy and Finance of South Korea shared that, “starting on the 14th of July, if military service officers have ongoing criminal investigations, their enlistment dates may be postponed if requested by the head of their investigation agencies.” This is only applicable to those who are involved in criminal acts that are punishable by imprisonment.

It was further reported that if the head of the investigation does request for the postponement of someone’s enlistment date, they will be granted a postponement of up to 1 year to investigate the crime.

This new change was revealed to have been made following the enlistment timing of numerous male celebrities who were previously arrested on criminal charges. Former BIGBANG member Seungri, actor Lee Seo Won and BTOB Jung Il-hoon are 3 examples of the many male stars that have allegedly sought “asylum” in their mandatory military service as an attempt to avoid their ongoing investigations.

‘Enlistment for escape’ was also engulfed in frustration because the sentence could be relatively lighter if the civilian court’s trial was transferred to the military court. This is because it may be difficult to identify the truth of the crime and punish the person responsible for the transfer of the investigation jurisdiction. In the case of future males who may have criminal investigations, an additional criminal charge will be added onto their case if they try to seek refuge in their mandatory military service as an attempt to avoid their investigation.

Sources: nate

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