A famous actress complained about having sleep paralysis, “Waking up crying for 4 days straight, I packed up and came out of my house” 

Actress Jeon Jong Seo caused fans to worry as she revealed her problem of having sleep paralysis for 4 days straight.

On November 26th, Jeon Jong Seo opened TMI on Instagram Story and spent time answering fans’ questions.

The actress confessed, “I had sleep paralysis for 4 days in a row”, adding “I woke up crying all the time, so I packed up and came out of my house. I’m staying somewhere else because I’m so scared”.

jeon jong seo

She continued, “My head hurt for the whole day, so I tried visiting an aroma shop. I came there and got a head massage. I’m finally feeling a little less dizzy right now.”

Jeon Jong Seo anxiously said, “Why did sleep paralysis happen to me so often? I hope I don’t feel it today”, repeatedly complaining about her condition.

jeon jong seo

The actress also attached a photo of two traveling suitcases in her post.

In response to Jeon Jong Seo’s anecdote, fans commented, “I wonder whether she has gotten rid of sleep paralysis. I’m so worried”, “Moving out to another place is a good choice when having sleep paralysis”, etc.

jeon jong seo

Meanwhile, Jeon Jong Seo recently appeared in TVing’s original series “Ransom”. In the drama, she plays Park Joo Young, a ransom expert who does not care about the target. This character struggles to survive in the mess when being completely cut off from the outside world.

jeon jong seo

Showing her expanded acting spectrum through “Ransom”, Jeon Jong Seo will continue to complete her 2022 performance with the appearance in “Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area Part 2”.

Source: Insight

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