“Separately and Together”: Legendary girl group SNSD vs Jessica Resurrection 

Jessica and the remaining members of SNSD both seem to be doing well after their not-so-peaceful separation

On July 1st, former SNSD member Jessica unveiled her appearance for the 3rd round of the Chinese audition program “Sisters Who Make Waves” through her Instagram account. Currently, the female idol is competing in a show which aims to debut a girl group of female celebrities in their 30s, who already had their splendid heyday in the past. 

Jessica then captioned her photo: “Always for my Golden Stars”, with “Golden Stars” being the name of Jessica’s fandom.


In this latest update, Jessica boasts one all-black and one all-white outfit, showing off her dual charms like an alluring black swan and an innocent white swan. The female idol also boasts sharper features that resemble a woman CEO, and exudes the vibe of a top celebrity. 

Through her appearance, you can immediately tell that Jessica is truly a senior artist, and has stood at the top alongside her old group SNSD, who once dominated Korea, China and Japan with their still beauty and force.

Now though, Jessica is creating a name of her own with unrivaled skills in the Chinese audition show. Other Chinese cast members also acknowledged Jessica’s talent and charm, even claiming that they struggled to compete with her. On the other hand, Jessica is struggling with rumors about her private life, like separation with her boyfriend Tyler Kwon, and heavy debts, which are mostly baseless. 

jessica jung sisters who make waves

Even though Jessica already left SNSD, many domestic and foreign fans are also cheering for Jessica’s presence in the Chinese show. However, there was a tough time before these successes happened. 

In fact, Jessica leaving SNSD was not a peaceful event, as the female idol announced her relationship with Tyler Kwon, started her own fashion brand, and left suddenly before an SNSD concert. 


With her fame from SNSD, Jessica quickly saw huge growth in her fashion venture, but stumbled into quite a stagnancy due to legal litigation. The female idol then started writing books, and now, through her presence in “Sisters Who Make Waves”, is once again attaining huge attention in China. 

On the show, Jessica’s vocals and dancing skills are irrefutable, fueling her eventual successes. Chinese fans shower the former SNSD member in praise, even calling her a true diamond regardless of circumstances the more they watch her performances. 

jessica jung sisters who make waves

Meanwhile, after a long period of no group activities with each member establishing their solo careers, Jessica’s former group SNSD will make a comeback in August to commemorate the 15th anniversary of their debut. In addition, Taeyeon, Yuri, Sooyoung, Seohyun, Hyoyeon, Sunny, Yoona, Tiffany – basically everyone excluding Jessica, will join the promotion for this new release. 


8 remaining members of SNSD will also appear on the JTBC exclusive reality show “So Shi Tam Tam”, which is set to premiere starting July 5th. 

In conclusion, although Jessica and her former group’s activities will proceed separately, their brand names and memories of both sides will stay forever. Korean netizens also mention that the popular term “Separately and Together” perfectly fits this case. 

Source: daum

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