Former SNSD member Jessica may re-debut in a Chinese girl group, unleashed “fatally sexy performance”

Jessica shared recent photos of herself as a participant in a Chinese music audition show.

On the June 17th, former SNSD member Jessica, posted several photos on her Instagram with the caption: “Thank you for your unconventional love and support my #goldenstars.” (Golden Star is the official name of Jessica’s fandom).

The photos showed Jessica’s outstanding visuals while performing on stage. The female idol is currently a contestant on the season 3 of Chinese music show “Sisters Who Make Waves”, which aims to re-debut senior artists into a project girl group. 


In the photos, Jessica boasted a perfect physique in a cropped shirt and sexy black blazer. Her beauty seemed to be just as lethal as ever. 

Jessica may re-debut in a Chinese girl group

Jessica announced her romantic relationship with businessman Tyler Kwon in 2013, before departing from her old group SNSD in 2014. Currently, she’s participating in “Sisters Who Make Waves”, a Chinese music show that features active female artists in the entertainment industry. Finalists of the show will go on to debut as a project girl group in China. 

jessica sisters who make waves

Previously, Jessica also released her second novel, “Bright”, which follows the events of her first literary work “Shine”. The novel series follows the female lead Rachel, who, like Jessica, faces difficulty as a member of a Kpop girl group leaving her own nest. 

jessica jung instagram

“Bright” and “Shine” used to draw attention for allegedly unveiling behinds in Jessica’s life as a Kpop idol, including her relationship with SNSD and departure from the group. 

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