Seo Ye Ji’s gown in new K-drama might have been borrowed from this Penthouse character

Netizens recently detected an eye-catching coincidence between Seo Ye Ji’s new drama poster and the famous series Penthouse. 

Actress Seo Ye Ji is finally coming back to the small screen with the upcoming K-drama “Eve”, and its poster has finally dropped. Following the thrilling revenge journey of female lead Lee Ra El, the series has a poster that reads: “At the hottest moment, I will take you down in the coldest way”. 

Seo Ye-ji

Seo Ye Ji’s styling sends chills down the spines, and makes netizens extremely excited. However, several have detected some similarities between Ye Ji’s gown and one of Kim So Yeon’s outfits in Penthouse, and others also find a strong resemblance between the two’s hairstyles. In addition, both Eve’s Lee Ra El and Penthouse’s Kim So Yeon can be described to be a dangerous flower with a lot of thorns, making for an interesting connection. At the coincidence, some fans even draw up conspiracies and theories that like So Yeon’s character, Ra El will become evil and get her hands dirty. 

In the same gown, Seo Ye Ji and Kim So Yeon both look super deadly yet alluring. However, with her heavier make up, So Yeon looks downright villainous, while Ye Ji is more blank and cold. The latter also attracts attention for her super slim waist, which cannot be hidden even under the voluminous dress.  

Seo Ye Ji
Another still cut of Seo Ye Ji in “Eve”. 
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