Han Ga-in: “A 70-point daughter to mother…I’m sorry for making you suffer with my child-rearing”

Han Ga-in expressed her feelings for her mother.

SBS’ “Circle House”, which aired on April 28th, talked about the theme of “The World’s Most Difficult Homework, My Mom Who I Hate.”

han ga in circle house

Lee Jung expressed her confidence, saying, “I think I’m a 100-point child to my parents,” adding, “My mom and dad told me that.” Dr. Oh admitted, “That’s what I heard.” Lee Jung said, “I recently bought a new car for my parent, and my mom was so happy,” she showed off.

Han Ga-in said, “My mom says I’m a 100-point daughter, but I think I’m only 70. I feel very sorry because I feel like I’m physically giving her a hard time helping with my childrearing,” he said.

han ga in circle house

Lee Seung-gi agonizes over his score, “I think I’m higher than Noh Hong-chul. I’ll go with 82 points. I try to see her at least once a month,” he decided. Noh Hong-chul, who thought his score was 80 points, corrected that he would revise his to 50 points, saying, “I don’t remember when I last went to see her.”

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