Seo Ye-ji returned with a full-blown 19-rated scene, revealed about what she had done during self-reflection 

Entertainment journalist-turned-Youtuber Lee Jin-ho made a new claim regarding actress Seo Ye-ji’s return.

Referring to actress Seo Ye-ji, who has returned through tvN’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “Eve,” Lee Jin-ho said, “It is her first return in a year and two months after the gaslighting controversy regarding her ex-boyfriend Kim Jung-hyun. In particular, from the first episode, she even caught the attention by digesting unconventional revealing scenes.”


In the meantime, “Eve,” which is her return work, was originally in preparation since early last year (before the gaslighting controversy). In addition, Seo Ye-ji has been preparing for the female lead role from the beginning. However, the news about her casting was revealed quite late. “She was still discussing her role in that work even during the controversy period,” making viewers doubting her so-called “self-reflection” period. 

Seo Ye-ji

Lee Jin-ho said, “Is Seo Ye-ji in a relationship?” and added, “The reason why such a problem was raised was how she played a decisive role in the ‘Kim Emotionless Controversy’.” He mentioned the contents of Seo Ye-ji’s message with her ex-lover Kim Jung-hyun. In fact, it was confirmed that the script has been changed to avoid scenes where Kim Jung-hyun had physical contact with his acting partner at the time.

Lee Jin-ho said, “Seo Seo-ji, who instructed her lover to ‘be emotionless,’ actively participated in ‘Eve’ than anyone else,” adding, “What she is doing seems to be contrary to the contents of her KakaoTalk chat.” He also said, “Even Dr. Oh Eun-young saw Seo’s messages as ‘gaslighting,’ but Kim Jung-hyun, the person involved, is blaming himself for this.” In fact, Kim Jung-hyun even insisted to Seo Ye-ji, “I was not gaslighted.”

lee jin ho

In addition, about Seo Ye-ji’s life after going into hiatus, “According to insiders, Seo Ye-ji rarely met people at the time of the controversy. She only went back and forth between cafes and her house every day. And she spent most of her time going to her mother’s house,’ Lee Jin-ho said.

Lee Jin-ho drew attention by saying, “’Eve’’s drama production presentation was canceled, but as a result of our confirmation, Seo Ye-ji’s side reportedly expressed their position of ‘not avoiding anything’ when asked about her appearance at events relating to the drama.”

lee jin ho

“In fact, her agency is said to have been very concerned about Seo Ye-ji’s activity after the controversy. There were many things at stake, such as her dramas and advertising contracts, so they decided to accept everything and continue to work with her,” he said. 

In addition, Lee Jin-ho said in the words of a drama insider, “As the story goes, she will fit into her role even more.” 

kim jung hyun - seo ye ji

Seo Ye-ji, who has been on hiatus for a while due to her gaslighting controversy with Kim Jung-hyun, made her comeback with tvN’s new drama “Eve,” which aired its first episode on June 1st. From the first episode, she caught the attention of viewers with her unconventional and bold acting in a strange atmosphere where she did a hot scene with her husband inside a women’s restroom in the drama and also had an affair with her lover.

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