Seo Tai Ji’s current situation after 1 year… “My daughter started going to school after finishing homeschooling”

Singer Seo Tai Ji (real name Jeong Hyeon Cheol, 50) revealed his recent status after a long time.

On Dec 24th, Seo Tai Ji left a message that began with “My dear friends and 2022 Christmas. How have you been?

seo taiji

He said, “A year has passed quickly and Christmas is back. Everyone is doing well and healthy, right? 2023 is just a week away. I wonder how many things everyone wished for this year have been achieved. In 2022, it seems that there were many unfortunate events such as incidents, accidents and wars in our country and our planet.

seo taiji

He confessed, “Personally, the best thing was that Dam started going to school after finishing homeschooling due to the pandemic last year. However recently, I tested positive for COVID-19 and completely lost my sense of smell. I was a bit worried that it would last long, but fortunately, I gradually recovered.

Meanwhile, Seo Tai Ji married actress Lee Eun Sung (34) in 2013. They welcomed their daughter the following year.

seo taiji

Source: Daum

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