School inspector reveals the school violence case in real life that is similar to “The Glory” story

A school inspector recently talked about the real event that inspired the story in the Netflix drama “The Glory”.

Choi Woo Sung, a school inspector specializing in school violence at Suwon Office of Education in Gyeonggi Province, mentioned “The Glory” in an interview with MBC Radio’s Pyo Chang Won’s News High Kick” on January 11th. He said, “Many viewers were taken aback after seeing the shocking school bullying scenes in the drama. Some people doubted if those scenes existed in real life. I think they expressed parts of the reality.”

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When asked, “Are terrible things like the violent scenes in the drama happening in reality?”, inspector Choi responded, “Some parts do happen in real life”. Regarding the scene where the bullies applied electric heating devices on the skin of the main character, Choi said, “It reminds me of the incident that happened at Cheongju Middle School in the past.”

In 2006, at a middle school in Cheongju, North Chungcheong Province, a number of school bullying perpetrators, including Kim (15 years old at that time), assaulted classmate A (14 years old at that time) for about 20 days. Like the drama scene, the bullies hurt A’s body using a hair straightener.

Inspector Choi said, “At that time, the victim suffered severe burns and protruding tailbone and was hospitalized to receive treatment for 5-6 weeks”. After then, the main culprit was arrested while the school officers and teachers, who couldn’t deal with the bullying incident properly, were subject to administrative punishments.

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In addition, Choi said, “In the process, the main culprit reportedly forced the victim not to reveal their name”, adding “Various civic groups protested to the education authorities to come up with measures for the eradication of school violence, however, it is not known what action was actually taken”.

Choi shared, “There were many painful and unfortunate cases similar to this”, then mentioned 3 cases, such as the abuse at Cheonghak-dong dormitory in 2020, the group assault on a middle school girl in Yangsan in 2021, and the ‘snowbed’ violence in Northern Gyeonggi in 2022. He added, “In these three cases, there were limited punishments because some or all of the perpetrators were young offenders under 14”.

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Lastly, the inspector said, “I agree that the age should be gradually lowered because criminals are getting younger and they are also cleverer and crueler”, adding “I think our society should make efforts to reform the law and prevent crimes at the same time”.

Meanwhile, Song Hye Kyo’s comeback drama “The Glory” depicts Moon Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo), whose soul was broken due to the experience of school violence during her childhood,  carrying out the desperate revenge she carefully designed after she becomes an elementary school. This Netflix series marks Song Hye Kyo’s reunion with Kim Eun Sook after six years since “Descendants of the Sun” in 2016 and writer Kim’s first revenge drama.

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