Sasaengfans Impersonating Delivery Staff To Steal EXO & NCT’s Personal Information Fined 3 Million Won

Sasaengfans who stole the personal information of SM Entertainment’s boy groups EXO and NCT have been fined

On July 10th, SM Entertainment released a statement via Kwangya119, saying “At the trial, the defendants admitted to all the charges, acknowledging that they committed all these criminal acts with admiration for the artists and asking for leniency. Eventually, two defendants were fined 3 million won each”.

In April last year, these sasaengfans impersonated delivery staff to steal the artists’ personal information during a live broadcast on X (Twitter), causing the artists’ personal information to be disclosed to the public. Later, the police identified four people who participated in the live broadcast as suspects and sent two of them who directly called the artists to prosecution.

SM stated, “Unauthorized actions such as calling the artists’ phone numbers and visiting their homes have continued for a long time until now. While enduring this because they are celebrities, the artists have complained of severe mental pain reaching the level that is difficult for an individual to handle”, adding “These actions are not expressions of interest in the artists but rather serious criminal acts that cause fear to the artists and harm them mentally”.

The agency continued, “In order to protect our artists, the company will continue to monitor and take legal measures against such actions, including infringement of the artists’ rights and honor, with no tolerance. We are currently waiting for the results of several complaints we filed”.

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