BLACKPINK’s Jennie Fans Angered by Billboard Mentioning Indoor Vaping?

Billboard’s recent SNS update, which mentioned BLACKPINK’s Jennie and Lisa, has infuriated the female idols' fans.

Recently on July 10 (KST), the official X (formerly Twitter) account of Billboard, published an update about BLACKPINK

In particular, Billboard wrote, “Billboard is looking at what the women of BLACKPINK are up to, from LISA’s upcoming headline performance at Global Citizen Festival to Jennie’s apology for vaping indoors”. 

As Billboard is a music media, many fans believe that it’s unnecessary for the site to mention Jennie’s recent controversy, which has nothing to do with music. Additionally, the post makes it looks like Billboard is pitting Jennie’s apology against Lisa’s achievement, which infuriated fans. 

In fact, comments such as “That headline was unnecessary”, “I expected better than this all-time-low headline”, and “You are doing anything for clout” can be seen under Billboard’s post, alongside various other scathing comments directed at the site. 

Source: X, K Crush

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