“Accused of being a blackmailer against Tzuyang” Caracula “Retaliation for the Heo Woong incident? I swear on my two sons, it’s not true”

Popular mukbang YouTuber Tzuyang (real name Park Jung-won) revealed she had suffered four years of assault and extortion amounting to 4 billion won by her former boyfriend A

This revelation has shocked many, while fellow YouTuber Caracula has strongly denied allegations of blackmail related to the case.

On July 11th, Caracula took to his YouTube channel community to express his frustration, stating, “It’s like I’ve become some X who took bribes under the guise of personal sanctions.”

He continued, “Whether this is retaliation for the Heo Woong case or a deliberate and organized smear campaign, Hoverlab CEO Kim Se-ui, can you handle this? People with nothing to lose aren’t scary; true madness comes when people with much to lose are ready to lose everything. Are you challenging me now?


Caracula declared, “I swear on my two sons, I have never taken illicit money as a YouTuber. This is my only pride as a YouTuber, and I will upload evidence and a clarification video.”

On July 10th, the YouTube channel Hoverlab accused YouTubers known as the “Wrecker Union”, including Goo Je-yeok, Caracula and Jeon Guk-jin, of extorting millions of won from Tzuyang by threatening to expose her past.

In the released call recording, a person believed to be Caracula is heard advising Goo Je-yeok, “If you target Tzuyang, your channel might lose its revenue indefinitely, so weigh your options carefully. Even if your channel is shut down, getting 1 billion won from targeting Tzuyang would be worth it.


Early on July 11th, Tzuyang revealed her suffering from assault and extortion by her former boyfriend A. She stated, “I used to broadcast while getting beaten every day. Sometimes, I went live with a bruised face. At the start of my broadcasting career, all the money I made was taken away. When my broadcasts started doing well, he created an agency. The contract was unfair, giving him 70% and me 30% of all earnings. I didn’t even have my own registered seal or ID. He didn’t honor the contract, and I received none of the advertising revenue.”

She also shared that A had taken her to a bar where she was forced to serve drinks. She added, “I couldn’t tell my friends I was being threatened, so I said it was just a job I was doing. Even the money I made from that was taken away. I have all the transfer records.

Tzuyang mentioned that although she pursued criminal charges with legal representatives, the case ended without prosecution after her ex-boyfriend reached an extreme choice.

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