Jeon So-yeon Reveals Her Income, “Max Is 1 Billion Won, ‘TOMBOY’ Was No.2 For The Year”

(G)I-DLE member Jeon So-yeon surprised Lee Young-ji by confessing that she earned up to 1 billion won a month

On July 10th, the YouTube channel “Pixid” uploaded a new video of Jeon So-yeon’s content “Country Kitchen Dream” featuring the guest appearance of Lee Young-ji.

In the video, Lee Young-ji was embarrassed when Jeon So-yeon suddenly asked, “I’m curious about something. So that ‘Small Girl’ boyfriend, did you break up with him? Are you still dating?”, referring to the music video of Lee Young-ji’s new song “Small Girl”.

In response, Lee Young-ji asked Jeon So-yeon, “Can I ask you something too? How much do you earn in a month?”. Jeon So-yeon replied, “For me… Do I take my yearly earnings and divide by 12? You earn a lot too”. Lee Young-ji commented, “I have extreme ups and downs”. As Jeon So-yeon said the same thing, Lee Young-ji wondered, “Then what’s the max you’ve earned~?”.

Jeon So-yeon then shared, “My max, in a really good month… I’ve earned up to 1 billion won, but sometimes I might earn 100,000 won”. Lee Young-ji said, “I reckon she earns more but she’s reduced it a little. I have a gut feeling”. Jeon So-yeon added, “That’s because you’ve earned a billion won before, right?”.

Lee Young-ji said she watched every video of (G)I-DLE, from music videos to recording videos. She commented, “I think the feel is more important than the skill and you are really good at capturing the right feel”, expressing her admiration for Jeon So-yeon’s directing skills.

Jeon So-yeon then said to Lee Young-ji, who recently made her comeback with “Small Girl”, “Do you think I can beat you?”. Lee Young-ji replied, “I’d be satisfied even if it dropped to 100 on the chart tomorrow”. Jeon So-yeon said, “No, you could get No.1 for the year”.

Lee Young-ji wondered, “TOMBOY was No.1 for the year, right?”. Jeon So-yeon said, “It was No.2”. Adding that the No.1 song was IVE’s “Love Dive”, Jeon So-yeon said, “You made a really good challenge vid for that song”, drawing laughter.

Lee Young-ji didn’t give up. She said, “You have a No.1 for the year song though. You’ll have one now”.

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